Time to Consider a Re-Design?


Have you been thinking about a re-brand? Or a logo refresh? Here are two reasons it may be the right time to bite the bullet and say “out with the old, and in with the new!”

1. You have outgrown your DIY Logo

Starting a business is thrilling. You have jumped over the hurdle and made the nugget of an idea into a reality. You’re on your way to realizing your dreams. When you first answer the “What do you do?” question with “I own my own business doing XYZ” it’s a high you can ride for days, weeks, months even.

Do you sense a “but” coming on? Yeah, us too.

BUT tarting a business is also HARD. It’s expensive; it’s exhausting; it’s doing everything yourself. Right? It’s understandable that when you first started out you took on the job of graphic designer and created your own logo, or maybe bought a piece of clipart and picked out a font.


And maybe that DIY solution will always be right for you. But maybe, just maybe, you have outgrown it. It’s been a few years. Your business has grown. You actually have money in the bank. Your services and/or products have evolved. Your clients have evolved, and now it’s time for your look to evolve.

Case study: Olive Ewe Productions

Rachel reached out to Studio Eighty Seven after a few years of working behind a logo she created herself. It was cute, and it served its purpose, but when she found her business blossoming: i.e. quality leads coming in daily, prospective clients understanding the value of her services and products, and making the decision to shift her focus to the wedding industry only–Her DIY logo was standing in her way, and making her cringe. Simply put the mark was no longer a reflection of her business. 

It was time to bring in a professional. 


Studio Eighty Seven respected Olive Ewe’s philosophy and approach from start to finish. We didn’t bring in the steamroller and obliterate the legacy of what Rachel created. Instead, we brought it up a few notches, emphasized storytelling, hinted at the art of filmmaking, and transformed “cute” into a reflection of Rachel and her philosophy. 


2. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”

Businesses have seasons. They grow, they evolve, people come and go, products come and go, services come and go, etc. If there’s a marked change in your business on the horizon it may be time to ask yourself whether the logo should change as well. Does it still reflect the business? The people working there? The clients or customers?

Case study: Wilson Wolfe Real Estate

Wilson Wolfe Real Estate has been serving the community of Wilmington Massachusetts and the surrounding towns for over 40 years. At the beginning of 2019, it was announced that both of the founding partners would be entering semi-retirement, and the new guard jumped at the opportunity to modernize the business through improved operations, and visually with a new logo. The goal wasn’t a new coat of paint, but a look that would honor their legacy and celebrate 40 years of hard work. 


Not all brands stand the test of time visually, and Wilson Wolfe Real Estate is a prime example of this. For a small, family-owned real estate company to compete with the corporate real estate giants they needed to make a change and showcase their professionalism. Studio Eighty Seven created a mark that paid homage to their past, competes with the household names, attracts clients, and something that agents—veteran and prospective—are proud to stand behind.


Are you ready to refresh your look? Let’s work together.