Brands We Love: Camp Collection

Every once and awhile we stumble upon a brand, and our jaws drop at the sight of the product, packaging, look, feel, color, or maybe a combination of everything. This was one of those moments. Cruising a Facebook feed led to the discovery of the CAMP Collection, a modest collection of t-shirts, shorts, pants, and accessories inspired by the nostalgia and comfort of sleep-away camp.

Photos from

Photos from

My own experience at sleep-away camp was fleeting, as too, was my experience as a camp counselor, but both experiences left me feeling top-of-my-game confident. This confidence, and the easy comfort of a t-shirt and shorts, was exactly what Founder and Creative Director Tamar Wider had in mind when she started CAMP.

We love the go-back-in-time feeling of each item, the colors and graphics used, and that we’re left pondering, “When was the last time I watched ‘Wet Hot American Summer’?”

Check out their website and instagram feed for inspiration, or a new wardrobe.