A 2019 Style Wish List



While Pantone has predicted the 2019 color of the year to be coral, we think orange will pop this year. Some big brands (check out Dunkin’s nostalgic ads) have already taken the deep dive into a sea of tangerine dreams. We think Coral is playing it safe. And while it’s a nice transition from Millennial Pink, we hope to see more orange this year.

Serifs? Yes please!

2018 saw the emergence of soft, chunky, lovable serif typefaces making a comeback in advertising and branding (see Dunkin’ ads, and the Chobani rebrand). We’re HUGE fans of Cooper Black, and, well anything reminiscent of the 1970’s. We’re glad the serif is back, and hope it sticks around awhile. When it is time for something new we hope history repeats itself and we gracefully transition into tall, high-contrast, and disproportional san-serifs.

Collage Education

Those lovable serifs found a home in fields of colors. We’re looking forward to a subtle return of pattern this year like stripes and some easy florals. But we’re really looking forward to some fresh cut-and-paste collages featuring simple textures and patterns from the past.

Just For Fun

There’s always a plant, animal, mineral, or some other weird thing that starts to gain momentum. Remember when the pineapple was all the rage? Or how Llamas are everywhere right now? We’re hoping Squirrels become the next big thing, that we say good bye to the prickly cactus, and lean into the rubber plant. AND let’s start obsessing over corduroy again and ditch the velvet. Thank you 2019!