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Branding, Logo Design, Freelance Graphic Design, Custom Wedding Invitations, and FunAndAwkward Greeting Cards + Gifts

Anikka Becker

Branding and logo design

Anikka Becker thrives on giving professional women a closet filled with dresses – because you can feel beautiful, and be taken seriously. Recognizable, classically conservative, but with a punch of feminine nuance. The new logo for Anikka Becker features an oval centerpiece to frame the sophisticated “ab” ligature.

I initially engaged Natalie because she is perceptive and articulate–she immediately picked up on the spirit of the brand and gave me a sense of confidence about the operation of Studio Eighty Seven. The subsequent design process only exceeded my first impression.
— Anikka Becker, Owner, Anikka Becker Designs